Hunter LED Solutions offers you an unrivalled choice of domestic, business and commercial LED lighting products.

We have our own dedicated manufacturing facility, meaning our products are always available to order and are built to our own very high standards. The Hunter LED Solutions brand stands for the highest quality, unbeatable value for money, truly awe-inspiring design and energy efficiency.

  • 16 Years experience in LED lighting research, development and application
  • 9 years experience in high power LED lighting application
  • 378 authorised patents, particular with 40 invention patents
  • Account for 45.45% of the industrial patent; top one invention patents holder
  • UK's largest scale SSL lighting R&D and production base, with 300,000 Sq.M
  • More than 8000km LED street light application projects
  • Aftersales service network across the world
  • Assembly of 697 lighting experts from UK & overseas